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Primary Care Network Staff

Posted on May 23rd, 2022

Primary Care Network – Neston and Willaston PCN
Here at Willaston Surgery, we are part of the Neston and Willaston PCN – Neston Willaston PCN | Neston and Willaston PCN – this is a network of 3 local GP surgeries all working together to provide the best care we can in a collaborative approach. This includes a constantly evolving team working to streamline processes, improve efficiency and ultimately ensure all patients receive the highest standard of care consistently within the network. 
We have various staff employed through the PCN that work for our patients here at Willaston Surgery, please see below for further information:
Clinical Pharmacists:
The Clinical Pharmacist team work across the PCN and assist with reviews of medications, adding new medications for patients following hospital appointments and speaking with patients in relation to medication queries. The pharmacy team currently carry out all their appointments over the phone. The clinical pharmacist team can assist rather than a GP in many instances, speeding up any changes you may need to medications. 
Social Prescribers:
Our social prescribers work with patients who need support in a ‘non-medical’ sense e.g. support with benefits, emotional support, signposting patients to other organisations that may be of use to them. The reception team are able to refer patients over to social prescribers, this does not require a GP appointment, just a little information from yourself as to why you would like to speak with them.
PCN Paramedics:
Our newest PCN role is two paramedics who will be going out to patients for home visits. This includes home visits booked on the day and also review appointments that can be booked in advance. This is a new service and is still being shaped, but is already working to support our patients. Our Paramedics can carry out nursing tasks, undertake annual reviews and take bloods. 
All of our PCN staff are working collaboratively and are in touch with the surgery on a daily basis to provide the best care possible utilising a team approach. 
Please do not hesitate to contact reception if you have any queries or would like to make a booking with a pharmacist or a social prescriber. 
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