Important - PATCHS has now gone live for Willaston Surgery, please follow the link to register and this can be used to contact the surgery with requests:

Willaston Surgery

Neston Road, Willaston, CH64 2TN

Telephone: 0151 327 4593

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New Patients

Completion of a registration form is required. Patients are no longer able to register with an individual Doctor but are registered with the Practice. However, patients will be able to express a preference to see the Doctor of their choice. However, you should be aware that:

  • patients may have to wait longer to see their chosen Doctor
  • the Doctor may refuse if he / she has reasonable grounds
  • the Doctor may not routinely provide the required service within the Practice.

The Practice does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation or appearance, disability or medical condition.

Registering as a new patient
Upon registering with Willaston Surgery as a new patient you will automatically be allocated a named doctor. This is for recording purposes only as all patients can request to see any doctor within the surgery. If you have provided a mobile number you authorise the surgery to contact you via SMS text message. If you have provided an email address you consent for the surgery to send you occasional emails with information regarding the practice or appointments. To register you will be required to produce 2 forms of ID ie Bank statement and photo driving license with your current address on it. One form of ID must be photographic and the other proof of address. Once you have handed in your completed forms and shown your ID, we will contact you by letter within 2 weeks to advise if your registration has been successful and invite you for a New Patient health check with our practice nurse. We will also give you forms at point of registration to register for online access which will allow you to order your prescriptions online, view consultations, documents etc. We really recommend patient access as it gives you more control as the patient.

We welcome patients from within the practice area, which covers (see postcodes below):

All areas in CH64

CH66 5PL
CH66 5PN
CH66 5PW
CH66 7NA
CH66 7NB
CH66 7NE
CH66 7NF
CH66 7NJ
CH66 7NL
CH66 7NN
CH66 7NP
CH66 7NR
CH66 7NS
CH66 7NU
CH66 7NW
CH66 7NX
CH66 7NZ
CH66 7PA
CH66 8PA
CH66 8PB
CH66 8PD
CH66 8PE
CH66 8PF
CH66 8PG
CH66 8PH
CH66 8PQ
CH66 9PA
CH66 9PB
CH66 9PD
CH66 9PE
CH63 1JA
CH63 1JB
CH63 1JD
CH63 1JE
CH63 1JF
CH63 1JG
CH63 1JH
CH63 1JJ
CH63 1JL
CH63 1JN
CH63 1JP
CH63 1JQ
CH63 1JR
CH63 1JS
CH63 1JT
CH63 1JU
CH63 1JW
CH63 1JX
CH63 4JH
CH63 4JJ
CH63 4JL
CH63 4JN
CH63 4JP
CH63 4JQ
CH63 4JR
CH63 4JS
CH63 4JT
CH63 4JU
CH63 4JW
CH63 4LE
CH63 4LG
CH66 1QU
CH66 6AD
CH66 6AE
CH66 6AF
CH66 6AG
CH66 6AH
CH66 6AJ
CH66 6AJ
CH66 6AL
CH66 6AN
CH66 6AQ
CH66 7NA
CH66 7NB
CH66 7NE
CH66 7NF
CH66 7NG
CH66 7NL
CH66 7NL
CH66 7NP
CH66 7NZ

We do not accept patients to our list from outside these areas and if you move out of our area you will be asked to register with a practice closer to your address within 2 weeks, after which time you will be removed from our patient list. NHS England have given practices the freedom to register out of area patients and patients who work in the local area but do not reside there. However, this is at every practices discretion and unfortunately it is Willaston Surgery’s policy to stay within the listed boundaries, therefore we will NOT be registering anyone out of area. If you have any enquiries please contact NHS England to discuss further.

Anyone currently registered with the practice will continue to receive a full service in the mean time.

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00 to 18:30
  • Tuesday
    08:00 to 18:30
  • Wednesday
    08:00 to 18:30
  • Thursday
    08:00 to 18:30
  • Friday
    08:00 to 18:30
  • Saturday
    All other times “Out-of-Hours Service” applies
  • Sunday
    All other times “Out-of-Hours Service” applies
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