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Posted on September 12th, 2017

It is becoming more and more of a problem again recently, patients are ringing to book GP appointments, they are asked for a reason for their visit which is documented for the GP but when patients are in the surgery they have a list of problems. This in turn casues delays for the other patients waiting to see the GP. Can we ask if you have more than one problem you need to make the receptionist aware so a longer appointment times can be allocated or you will be asked to arrange a further appointment to discuss the other problems. GP appointments are limited to 10 mins per patient so im sure you can apprreciate the strain on the GP trying to get everything fitted in. What will only “take 2 minutes” in your eyes is alot more work for the GP as they have excess computer/paperwork to do following the consultation so unfortunately their work doesnt end when you leave the surgery. We would ask everyone to take this into consideration and we will monitor over the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks

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