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Covid-19 update 23/03/20

Posted on March 23rd, 2020

Good Morning
Im sure everyone is keeping up with the media regarding the current situation with Covid-19. You will have heard about letters being sent to a group of patients who are being asked to self isolate for 12 weeks, these letters are NOT coming direct from your surgery, unfortunately we know exactly what you know about these. So if possible can you just refrain from contacting the practice to enquire about these, at least for a couple of days until they are in circulation. If you have questions about whether you should be isolating or not, please follow the government guidance on this. It is putting added pressure on the GP’s with the high number of calls and emails we are receiving from patients asking about their individual circumstances.

You will also have heard about Rescue packs being available from the GP for those who have COPD and asthma, this is not new and a majority of our patients already have these packs in place. Any COPD patients who feel they require this please contact us, we will endeavour to contact the COPD patients to ensure they have a pack if needed but as you can imagine we are inundated and trying our best to prioritise severe work load, so if you are diagnosed with COPD please call us or email and let us know if you require a pack. We would ask that asthmatics who don’t already have a rescue pack can you please not contact us at the present time, we are consulting with the GP’s and will update you on this tomorrow morning.

Prescriptions have increased significantly. Patients are stock piling and requesting medications early and its not acceptable. Please spare a thought for others when you request things “just in case” or because you need a spare. This will cause the medication to not be available to those who actually need it right now. The same applies for those who are isolating, if you are isolating for 12 weeks it does not mean you need to order 3 months worth of medication from the surgery. The pharmacy and surgery will continue to ensure you get your medication as you normally would each month, ordering huge amounts will prevent others from getting a supply. We note a particular increase on inhalers being requested, some people have not had these for years but now requesting at least two, we understand the anxiety and worry Covid-19 is causing but we are open, we will remain open and we will continue to process your prescriptions when they are needed so please act responsibly.

As a surgery, to make things as easy as possible for our patients, we are allowing patients to email prescription requests and cancellation of appointments. However, like everything else this is being abused. We are working with limited staff and trying to manage the volume of emails we are receiving but it is taking its toll. We would ask you please not to email unless it is absolutely necessary and anything you need to discuss with the GP then you need to ring the surgery to request a telephone call. The GP’s are on the phones constantly and it isn’t a case of asking them a quick question so we can respond to your emails. Its an extremely worrying and difficult time for everyone, our staff included and they don’t have the option of staying at home so please just think before you send that next email or request that next prescription.

As we have mentioned before, if you have a vulnerable neighbour or know of anyone who is on their own and requires any help, give them a knock and see if you can do anything, we are also happy to help those in need so just make us aware and we will do our best to ensure the patient is looked after. Obviously remembering social distancing etc.

***please see below urgent message from Radiology*************
The Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road
Chester CH2 1UL

Radiology Department
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dear All GP`s
Very Urgent please read
Due to the current situation, the Radiology Department at the Countess of Chester Hospital are cancelling all routine appointments at this time.
This is to include all modalities within the Department ie; CT, MRI, X-RAY, Ultrasound, Fluroscopy and Nuclear Medicine.
We are at this time still taking any urgent requests.
Thank you,
Kind regards,
Radiology Directorate
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you all once again and we will have an update tomorrow morning regarding the rescue packs for asthmatics.

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