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Covid-19 update 14/05/20

Posted on May 14th, 2020

Good Afternoon
We trust everyone has been keeping up to date with government guidance on the media. Unfortunately, although people are returning to work and allowed out more to exercise this does not mean in any way the pandemic is over. It will take a long time before things are up and running again and its very likely that things will not revert back to how they used to be.

We are working extremely hard within the practice putting plans together to allow us to safely introduce clinics again in the future. Obviously with social distancing remaining in place this will not be easy due to the size and layout of the building. Your safety as well as the staff is absolutely paramount and therefore it is imperative we all keep as up to date as possible with any changes. As it stands, we are still only seeing urgent bloods, routine bloods such as diabetic bloods will be on hold for the time being until we are can ensure these can be accommodated safely within the practice.

GP’s are continuing to telephone triage with the aid of photos and video consults where requested. Please do not email photos to the practice email unless asked to do so by the GP. It is very likely that telephone triage will play a huge part in the running of the practice going forward in order for us to deliver a safe service, it is a plan that we can offer a set amount of staggered appointments for those who need to attend after a consultation with the GP. We appreciate this is a big change and face to face appointments have been key within the community practice in the past, however, due to the pandemic and the effect it has had on the nation, we feel this may be the safest way forward. Obviously we will keep you updated as soon as anything has been agreed. The main thing to remember is that this pandemic has proven that a lot of appointments can indeed be dealt with via telephone/video consultation in the first instance leaving the practice free to facilitate the nurse and phlebotomy patients who will physically need to attend.

We would like to remind all patients that when a clinic is going on and you are asked to wait in your car, a member of staff will come and get you or contact you on your mobile to come in, please refrain from repeatedly ringing the buzzer to check. Those who are dropping off samples (this should only be done when asked to do so by a clinician/reception), please ensure they are all labelled with your details and at the practice before 11am or they will not be sent off that day due to staffing and the volume received. We would also like to point out that if someone is at the door of the practice, you should keep your distance in the carpark to allow them to move away safely from the building before you approach.

If you are in the building attending for an urgent appointment, you must leave straight away after your appointment has finished, please don’t stop at reception to arrange further appointments, unfortunately you will need to ring later to do this. This is to allow for us to wipe down surfaces etc and the next patient to enter the building safely and as timely as we can manage. We do hope you understand why these measures are in place and if we were in a position to do these things we would gladly assist at the time.

Telephone appointments should be operating in the same manor as face to face appointments in that there is a 10 minute appointment time allocated. You should only be discussing the problem you requested the call for and not a list of things. Please think of the GP’s and other patients, if your call takes longer then the next person is delayed and so on. Of course the GP’s are happy to discuss your problem and if takes slightly longer then that’s acceptable and indeed expected on occasions but we would really appreciate your co operation in keeping with one problem per call.

Dr Hamilton is currently the only GP on site, as popular as she is unfortunately appointments with her are not possible at the moment. Im sure you will appreciate, those patients who need home visits or who have been triaged and need to attend the practice will have to be seen by her. She is also dealing with palliative patients, AVS calls and any emergencies. Therefore, it would be helpful if you would speak to one of the other GP’s available, rest assured they have all your notes etc available.

Some good news, we have a new Practice Nurse, Patricia Manley who will be starting on the 26th May so lets welcome Patricia to the surgery and to the lovely Willaston village.

Its important we all work together at this time, you are part of a fantastic village who have been outstanding during the pandemic and we need this to continue for as long as necessary. Once again we extend our sincere thanks to all patients who kindly drop off gifts to the practice, to those of you who help with sharing the social media and indeed to the fantastic ladies who are making scrubs and baking within the village – fabulous community spirit!!

We hope to bring more informative news on the next update with regards to clinics etc, as always we do appreciate everyone’s patience

#Stay home #Save lives

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